What We Hope to Accomplish Together


This workshop has four primary objectives:
  1. To build a community of inquiry around care that activates our community’s existing strengths
  2. To invite scholars and organizers to understand their work within a framework of care
  3. To create a network that supports future work in this area, as well as establish a website to promote and archive workshop experiences
  4. To curate vital thinking around these questions to deepen our collective understanding of care
Participants in this workshop can expect:
  1. To build a learning community that meets together bi-weekly to discuss readings or interact with a local guest speaker. Themes include: Mapping out a Feminist Ethics of Care; Race, Gender, and Care; Philosophy, Rhetoric, Politics and Care; Pedagogy and Care; Listening, Dialogue and Care in the Public Sphere; Environment, Geography, and Care; Indigeneity, Sovereignty, and Care; Labor, Kinship and Care; Performance, Narrative and Care; Art, Aesthetics and Care; Disability and Care; Queer Theory and Care; Migration, Citizenship and Care; Violence, Reproductive Justice, and Care; Trauma and Care.
  2. To share a range of conceptual tools and practical techniques for establishing caring relationships and communities.
  3. To gain awareness of work already underway in adjacent fields of scholarship and practice, and of the lived understandings of care possessed by activists, organizers and caregivers.