Welcome to the "Care: Politics, Performances, Publics, Practices" Workshop

Goals for Participants

Build a Learning Community

To build a learning community that meets together bi-weekly to discuss readings or interact with a local guest speaker. Themes include: Mapping out a Feminist Ethics of Care; Race, Gender, and Care; Philosophy, Rhetoric, Politics and Care; and More.

Share Tools and Practical Techniques

To share a range of conceptual tools and practical techniques for establishing caring relationships and communities.

Gain Awareness

To gain awareness of work already underway in adjacent fields of scholarship and practice, and of the lived understandings of care possessed by activists, organizers and caregivers.

Upcoming Virtual Care Conference

Call for Abstracts: “Relations of Care Across and After Worlds”

The Borghesi-Mellon Workshop on Care: Politics, Performances, Publics, Practices is sponsoring a virtual conference May 13 and 14, 2021. To read more about the conference and how to submit your work, please click the link below.

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